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Our system is able to make views REAL user and you will decide how long you should see your video or websites! Our technology allows us to obtain only the best results, in fact, if for example you decide to get one minute of video viewing from each user, will be charged to your budget only users who have actually seen the video for 1 minute.

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To ensure an optimum price / quality of our systems, we do not formulate prices relying only on the quantity but on the quality of the product! This guarantees you a choice of clientelacon quality and with the type that suits you.

The secret of our success

Concluding this spectacular offer by telling you the secret of our success! This field makes us unique in its kind for the above reasons, but not only! to allow the uniqueness of each individual user viewing our system shows your promotion only to users who have not yet displayed, and more importantly, to you to choose your customers by selecting the sex and even the country .

Views on youtube video

With youtube videos, it means a structure made specifically for your videos on youtube.Youtube assess the quality of a video also on the amount of time viewing, and our priority is to meet the requirements ensuring only the best!

  • Adaptable to all platforms
  • Unique visits by users
  • Counted the display time
  • Support 24/24

Generic Website

With Generic websites, it means any website or web page (Personal, blogs, social networks, videos, spam etc ..)This system guarantees the highest quality traffic generated by the different parameters set in the best! Take any link of any Web page and get your traffic by deciding the amount, duration and customers!

  • Adaptable to all platforms
  • Unique visits by users
  • Counted the display time
  • Support 24/24